Vision, Mission, and Values

Defining the Vision (Why), Mission (How), and the Values (What) of something provides clarity, direction, and focus.  It creates purpose, and purpose and powerful.

In addition to purpose, it helps identify what is deserving of attention, effort, and time; and also what isn't.




To be an accepting, fun, inclusive, and welcoming escape.  A place where we do epic and decrease the world of suck   By bringing like-minded people together through a shared passion of video games


As individuals we aspire to be...
O pen   Accepting, accessible, and understanding
R eciprocal   Treat others as you would like to be treated
B right   Energitic and positive
I nclusive   Warm and welcoming
T actful   Aware and empathetic
  As a community we aspire to be...
J ovial   Fun, positive, and vibrant
U pright   Honest and integrous
I nspiring   To bring out the best in each other
C aring   Charitable and thoughtful
E pic   Grand, great, and remarkable