orbitjuice was born in Masterton, New Zealand.  Masterton is a small farming town about one hour north of New Zealand's capital city, Wellington.

When he was four-years-old, orbitjuice and his family moved to New Zealand's largest city, Auckland.

When he was 19 orbitjuice went to the United States by himself for a three week holiday. He returned nine years later (true story).  While orbitjuice was living in the United States he spent the majority of his time in Metropolitan Detroit.

orbitjuice currently lives in Auckland, New Zealand with his fiancée and their son.

Q:  What language do you guys speak in New Zealand?
A:  New Zealandese and Australianish.  I will apologise in advance if my English is bad, it is my first and only language.

Q:  What is an "orbitjuice"?
A:  It is a handle/moniker that dates back to the BBS and IRC golden era.  The name was inspired by a Lava lamp.

Q:  You ran a BBS?
A:  Indeed I did.

Q:  What was your first console and computer?
A:  Console: Fountain Force II  Computer: Commodore 64.

Q:  What is your favourite video game of all time?
A:  The Secret of Monkey Island.

Q:  How come you haven't broadcasted before now?
A:  I have. I was broadcasting on the internet back in the late 90's/early 00's when I was living in the United States (on services/sites like Live365, SHOUTcast, and SpotLife). I left the US in 2006 before things like Xfire, Justin.tv, and Twitch existed; and it is only now that the bandwidth in New Zealand is decent enough to allow for video broascasting.

Bandwidth was: Bandwidth now:

Q:  What game have you been playing the longest?
A:  World of Warcraft.  I've been playing since release [2004].

Q:  What are your biggest gaming accomplishments?
One:   Back in the days of Tribes I was in Red Star Alliance [RSA].  We were the worldwide number one ranked clan for the Ultra Renegades mod.
Two:   Obtaining one of the original epic mounts in World of Warcraft (the Old School Ride achievement).  Accumlating that much gold during Vanilla was HARD.
Three:   A full clear of the Original Naxxramas before The Burning Crusade was released for World of Warcraft.  Original Naxx was a guild killer and gave raiders PTSD.

This video explains how difficult a full clear of Old Naxxramas was.